Spring Ahead, Fall Asleep!

sleep-deprivationIt’s the weekend. We have already established that I hate perky morning people. Why can’t they be perky and leave me the hell out of it? So my phone rings on Saturday at an ungodly hour…like 8:30 or something. I’m dead asleep and not really running things. My hand moves on it’s own accord and I find a phone next to my face….

Annoying screachin morning person: Hellooooo, did I wake you?

Me: wut…who is this?(So I know where to send the hit squad.)

She: It’s Susan.

Me: Wut the hell time is it?

She: It’s 8:30.

Me: It’s Saturday, are you nuts? People are NOT allowed to wake me up on Saturday. My family has strict guidelines.

She: You are SO funny. (No, I’m not. I’m deadly serious…this is bad, real bad. She doesn’t know what can of worms she has opened up.)

Me: Call me later. (slam)

So, I couldn’t get back to sleep…yadda, yadda, etc , etc…bad mood, long day…

It’s Sunday. No one would DARE violate the holiness of a Sunday morning sleep-in….WRONG AGAIN.

My son has his sweet baby daughter call me at 8:30 IN THE MORNING !  They want to take me to breakfast. Are they insane? Who could eat in the middle of the night? (and dang, they put the kid on the phone, now I have to suppress my hateful sleep-deprived rant. )

Me: Could you put Daddy on the phone?

He: Hi Mom.

Me: Are you mad? It’s 8:30 in the @#$@%* morning….I’m asleep!

He: It’s daylight savings time. We turned the clocks ahead, It’s 9:30.

Me: Oh, excuse me…big dif…Are you MAD? It’s 9:30 in the %$^#$#* morning…I’m asleep.

So, I couldn’t go back to sleep…met the kids for pancakes and thought about Daylight Savings Time.

Do I really need to get up an hour earlier so I can get in those crops down on the south 40? Or so I can get my 14 kids out there to do the plowing before school?

And why are the crazed morning people SO happy to wake me up to remind me that I lost an hour of precious sleep? Maybe they’re organized…


6 Responses to “Spring Ahead, Fall Asleep!”

  1. Maria says:

    Smile girl - you get an hour extra of daylight! Yeah!

  2. joe white says:

    Do what I do. Don’t make the mistake of answering the phone at all. Smash the phone against the wall if it rings before 10am. It works everytime! Ps. I only buy dollar store phones.

  3. Kathy says:

    Ah yes! Another Dollar Store BONANZA! Disposable phones…I need them to match my rubber grapes!

  4. Kathy says:

    Ah yes…and the dogs sleep “later”cuz they don’t do DST!

  5. joe white says:

    Don’t you mean sour grapes?

  6. Molly says:

    hahah! 8:30am IS the middle of the night!