“Stupid and Nasty R Us”

empireI’m frequently out of town this time of year for work, so please excuse the sporacidity of my blogging this month . (Is that a real word?)

So I was touring a group of kids from San Diego and we were having a great time until we came upon the Empire State Building! The building itself was fantastic…even in the fog. It’s beautiful…an art deco goddess rising through the mist. The kids loved it!

What we didn’t love  was the nasty, lazy, probably overstaffed and overpaid uniformed workforce employed by the building. Where do they find these people? “Stupid and Nasty R Us?”

Maybe they think that because they are wearing a uniform (a 1930’s red one, duh) thay they are empowered to order everyone about and refuse to answer questions or act at all human or humane.

Example: I was told to bypass any line and go directly to the window and pick up the pre-paid tickets for my group. I get to secuirty, and the grumpy old man tells me to “get in line” . I explain that I am a Tour Guide and he pretends not to hear me “get in line” (louder). I ask him a question…no answer…another question…he looks away…(like my kids, I HATE that)…The guy at the front of the line apparently understands English and allows me to take a place in front of him.

So I clear security, get my tickets, go back to the line so I can give out the tickets and clear security  again. How stupid! Maybe one of those red-uniformed geniuses thought up that system.

The rest of the guys were in idle groups of 3 or 4 gruff, Bronx-accented bullies who forced us through various roped barriers to ensure we passed through several of their evil sales goons so we would buy plastic junk they undoubtedly got a kick-back on. It was a gamut of   “Get in line”  Get away from there” “Yo, Kid, I tol youse not ta touch dat”.redunif

Up until that point these kids actually thought New Yorkers were nice. I want to thank the staff of the Empire State Building for showing the world that New Yorkers really are a bunch of nasty a**holes, just like they thought we were.

Thanks guys.

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