Fake Boobs and Bimbos…

daisyWow, July 1st already. How did I miss a whole month??? Oh, I know…WORK! Anyway, I apologize. I realize that’s very bad blog etiquitte. I’ll do better.

While I was travelling, I realized something. Guys are kinda dumb…well okay, I already knew that, but I gained new insight to the obvious.

I was watching the Discovery channel and learned that in nature, what attracts humans to members of the opposite sex is symmetry. Symmetry indicates good health, and the prospect for healthy and symmetrical offspring.

My sisters and I are very symmetrical. We have 2 eyes that see well and match, two boobs that match, great skin and pretty straight teeth. Chances are, we’ll have good-looking kids. And in fact, we do.

So now, take a fat, hairy, buck-toothed, near sighted, one-boobed, saggy-butt, acne-faced selfish bimbo and give her lasik, lipo, a boob job, a butt implant, veneers, laser hair removal and a chemical peel. Top it off with lip injections and you have…what???

A narcisistic Barbie who, although she may look like a human blow-up doll is actually a medically manufactured freak of nature who, if she actually reproduced, would bear a  fat, hairy, buck-toothed, near sighted, one-boobed, saggy-butt, acne-faced child.

Now, is that what you guys REALLY want?

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