What’s That Smell?

coffee2 I remember as a kid walking or driving by the Savarin plant in New Jersey or the Maxwell House plant in Philly and being seduced by the most wonderful aroma of fresh coffee beans roasting. Ummmm. It was one of the best things my olfactory sense ever encountered. It was awesome! And the flavor…you guys don’t even know what you’re missing!
Fast forward to the 21st Century. Some West Coast yuppie decides to take a perfectly friendly coffee bean and overroast it until it’s burned black, then roast it some more just to be sure that all of the delicious flavor and aroma is gone. Then, he comes up with stupid European sounding names and high prices and convinces the yuppies and gen X that it’s hip to speak “Starbuckian” and to spend what used to be a day’s pay on a cup of foul tasting nastiness.
It’s like an alternate universe where a “small” is TALL and a “medium” is GRANDE and coffee tastes like scorched cats. This just isn’t right. This isn’t what coffee tastes like. I’d rather have a caffeine-addict withdrawl headache from hell than drink this overpriced, nasty-tasting poor excuse for coffee.

Thanks barristas for ruining my childhood memories and any chance for a passing whiff of real coffee aroma coming from a coffee house as I walk by.

The Emperor is NAKED folks. Wake up and smell the coffee!

3 Responses to “What’s That Smell?”

  1. Maria Lokken says:

    Kathy - you are hysterical, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Personally, Starbucks is totally passe for me. I prefer Seattle’s Best - a much smoother bean.

  2. Topher says:

    I too remember all the smells of New Jersey while I drove on the Turnpike and within those smells was the Savarin coffee joint I am sure.
    I at one time lost my taste buds and did drink that burned to a crisp coffee but now that my buds have returned and I have come to my senses I think Tequila is the drink of choice for me. A great way to start the day.

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