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Scratch and Spit? « The Dog Ate The Roast Beef

Scratch and Spit?

yankeesWhat a day when the home team -The World Champion New York Yankees - won their 27th World Series! I was born in Philly so it was a real thrill for me to see these two awesome tams battle it out. It was a win-win.

These guys are amazing. I could swear Jeter was looking right at me a few times. I know A-Rod was! Cheap thrills!

I do have an issue, though. And I’m sorry to have to echo a rant from my friend Maria but what’s with all of the spitting and all of the big deformed cheeks full of dip, or chaw or whatever you call it? These guys are athletes. They get paid more for one game than most of us earn in an entire year. Are we allowed to chew anything at work? If we spit and grabbed our crotches constantly we’d be fired!

If the Phillies Ibanez didn’t have a giant wad of tobacco stuffed in his face, he may have caught that fly ball instead of letting the Yankee’s bring in 2 runs. He had so much junk in his mouth he probably couldn’t see the ball. If Jason Wurth didn’t have a bunch of junk stuffed in his face, he’d be good looking. Same with gum. That Philles manager looked like an old billy goat chewing that giant gum wad like he was running out of time. Geez. It’s gross.20090607_zaf_cp4_071.jpg

And when they start spitting, I literally have to fight my gag reflex. I thought my popcorn was gonna come up a few times. I stopped jumping off the couch and heading for the bathroom and just kept a barf bag close by. This is no way to enjoy baseball!

I have a couple of points here. If you’re being paid $100,00 a game, your butt can pay attention to the game. Your nicotine addiction can wait until the game is over or use a damn patch. You guys are role models. You are athletes. You are obscenely paid because of that. Act like it. If my kids grow up groping, spitting and chewing carcinogenics I’m coming after major league baseball!


2 Responses to “Scratch and Spit?”

  1. Maria Lokken says:

    Kathy - You are a girl after my own heart. I’ve written about this twice. What’s up with all the spitting?! You clearly cannot eat while watching a game - the hacking up of flem just doesn’t go with pinot noir.

  2. Derek J. says:

    I have been keeping a close eye on the Tampa Bay Rays and I don’t see them doing that spitting stuff. I think they are going to the World Series and will win.

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