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Meet the Author

When You're Cool...the Sun Always SHines!

When You're Cool...the Sun Always Shines!

Okay…”about” the blog. I’m Kathy and I live in New Jersey. I think Jersey truly IS the center of the universe. (And I do think that Jon Bon Jovi is God and yes, I have met him.)

 In New Jersey you have the whole world…beaches, mountains, malls, farms, pine barrens, history, street walkers…everything.

 Everybody cool is from New Jersey:  Bon Jovi, Springstein, Sinatra, Travolta, Tarantino, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Ray Liotta, The Sopranos, Sarah Vaughn, Joe Piscopo, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Lewis, Lauryn Hill,  Abbott and Costello, Ice-T, Dave Thomas (The Wendy’s guy), Buzz Aldrin, Grover Cleveland, the Lenni Lenape and my kids. 

 Anything you could possibly want is here.  We have the best pizza in the world, the best Chinese food, Italian food, Korean food, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Vegan, Mongolian, Mexican, Spanish, Portugese, French, Bar-B-Q, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Salvadorean, Cuban, Carribbean, Vietnamese, Greek, Israeli, and stuff I haven’t even heard of!  And the best all-night diners on the planet…not to mention White Manna burgers in Hackensack!  But it’s all good!

 We’ve got movies, theatre, concerts, airports, casinos, and sports…boy do we have sports! We even have the Giants! Enough of that. I’m a soccer fan. We had the Cosmos, and they had Pele…who I also met!

 New Jersey is the best. We have it all. We’d do fine with or without the rest of the world… and we never have to pump our own gas.

Janet Evanovich talks about summers in NJ ,

” The hydrocarbon level was high enough to etch glass, the highways hummed with road rage. Air conditioners were failing, dogs had diarrhea, laundry mildewed in hampers, and sinus cavities felt filled with cement. If the barometric pressure dropped any lower everyone’s guts would be sucked through the soles of their feet into the bowels of the earth. (We) barely notice any of this, of course, because we were born and raised in New Jersey. ”

And that’s only in the summer. The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management states regading NJ winters:

“Winter in New Jersey is a time of unique beauty and unique risks. Wind chill can cause frostbite. Freezing rain can cause dangers on the road. Nor’easters have the potential to cause more damage than hurricanes.”

According to Janet,

“Life is about survival of the fittest, and Jersey is producing the Master Race.”

 True that! I’ve got plenty to write about.